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Companies in Singapore

  • ▪︎Meta (Facebook)
    Meta (Facebook) has invested a lot in Singapore. In addition to establishing the first customer information center in Asia, it has also established a product engineering team
  • ▪︎Google
    In addition to being Google Asia-Pacific operations headquarter, Singapore also has a Google Data Center. Many important products are developed here in Singapore, such as: Google Pay
  • ▪︎Microsoft
    Microsoft Asia-Pacific operation headquarter is also located in Singapore. In addition, Microsoft Singapore has also been selected by the magazine as the best employer in Singapore
  • ▪︎Apple
    Singapore is Apple Asia-Pacific operations base and a globally recognized center of innovation. More than 3,500 people are currently working in this Apple Singapore operations center
  • ▪︎Amazon
    Amazon currently has almost no software engineering jobs in Singapore
  • ▪︎Netflix
    Singapore is the Asia-Pacific operation center of Netflix, but the vacancies here are mainly operations-oriented, and there are no vacancies for engineers.
Software Factory
  • ▪︎ByteDance
    ByteDance is the parent company of TikTok, and Singapore is the international headquarters of it. ByteDance actually has many products besides TikTok, such as PICO (VR), Lark (enterprise communication tool) etc.
  • ▪︎Tiktok
    Tiktok is the international version of Douyin, and its operating headquarters is in Singapore
  • ▪︎Spotify
    Spotify is a music streaming platform, and its corporate culture is quite good. Spotify opened its Asia Center in Singapore in 2013, but unfortunately there are currently no engineering jobs in Singapore
  • ▪︎Grab
    Grab is the leading app for car-hailing services in Southeast Asia. In addition to car-hailing services, it also provides delivery, financial and other services
  • ▪︎indeed
    It is a well-known high-paying company. There are some software development opportunities in Singapore
  • ▪︎Shopee
    The largest e-commerce company in Southeast Asia. The salary is also at a good level
  • ▪︎IBM
    IBM has recruited many technicians in Singapore
International company
  • ▪︎Zendesk
    Zendesk is a public customer service software company from the United States. In 2014, it acquired Singapores chat software Zopim
  • ▪︎Bloomberg
    Bloomberg is a global provider of business, financial information and news information, and has also recruited many engineers in the data field in Singapore.
  • ▪︎DeliveryHero (Foodpanda)
    The most famous product in the DeliveryHero group is Foodpanda
  • ▪︎Wise
    Wise is a Fintech from the UK that provides cross-border financial services and has offices in many countries, including Singapore. Benefits and salary are quite good
Local company
  • ▪︎Singtel
    Singtel is the largest telecommunications company in Singapore and has recruited many engineer positions in Singapore
  • ▪︎DBS
    DBS is the largest commercial bank in Singapore. There are many software engineers sharing their salary information on levels.fyi
Well-known innovation
  • ▪︎Doctor Anywhere
    Doctor Anywhere is an integrated online and offline medical service platform headquartered in Singapore with offices in multiple countries. In 2021, it has raised the C round and has more than 2.5 million users.
  • ▪︎Aspire
    Aspire, a Fintech company founded in 2018 by former Lazada founders and executives, has raised over $200 million to date
  • ▪︎Flash Coffee
    Flash Coffee, founded in Singapore, has been very popular in recent years. Although it is a coffee shop, behind it is a new start-up company that emphasizes technology-driven
  • ▪︎Carro
    Carro is an online used car trading platform
  • ▪︎Geniebook
    Geniebook is Singapore largest online learning platform for English, Mathematics and Science (EMS)
  • ▪︎Endowus
    Headquartered in Singapore, Endowus is the first savings advisor platform for CPF, SRS and cash, helping everyone to invest comprehensively, conveniently and with expert advice at the lowest possible cost.
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