Backend Interview Questions

  • ▪︎What Is RESTful API?
  • ▪︎What Is GraphQL?
  • ▪︎What Is Git and Git Flow? How To Use It?
  • ▪︎What Is Nginx?
  • ▪︎How to Choose between SOAP and REST?
Web Security
  • ▪︎What Is XSS?
  • ▪︎What Is CSRF?
  • ▪︎What Is SQL Injection?
  • ▪︎Differences between Encryption, Encoding, and Hashing
Software Design and Architecture
  • ▪︎What is Object-Oriented Programming? (OOP)
  • ▪︎How to Refactor? What Are the Benefits of Refactoring?
  • ▪︎What Is MVC?
  • ▪︎What Is MVVM?
  • ▪︎What Are the SOLID Principles?