Frontend Interview Questions

  • ▪︎What Is Semantic HTML?
  • ▪︎Explain the Difference Between DOMContentLoaded, load, beforeunload and unload
  • ▪︎Where Should the <script> Tags Be Placed in HTML? How About <link> Tags?
  • ▪︎What Is the Difference Between async and defer in HTML Script Tag?
  • ▪︎Explain the CSS Specificity
  • ▪︎What Is the Difference Between px, em and rem in CSS?
  • ▪︎Explain CSS Box Model
  • ▪︎What Are Pseudo-classes and Pseudo-elements?
  • ▪︎Explain CSS Position Property
  • ▪︎What Are the Values of Display in CSS? What Is the Difference Between inline, block and inline-block? What Is the Difference Between display:none and visibility:hidden?
  • ▪︎How to Center a Div with CSS?
Frontend Tooling
  • ▪︎What Is JavaScript Modules?
  • ▪︎What Is Webpack Loader And Plugin?
  • ▪︎What Is Vite? What Problems Does It Solve?
Frontend Optimization
  • ▪︎What are Reflow and Repaint? How to optimize?
  • ▪︎What is the difference between jpg, png, webp and svg? When should we use which one?
  • ▪︎What Is SPA (Single-Page Application)? What Are Its Advantages and Disadvantages?