Our Services

  • Software Development

    We build custom web and mobile apps from front-end to back-end tailored to your unique requirements

  • Customized AI Chatbot

    We excel at developing customized AI chatbots that leverage your specific data source. Whether you need a customer service chatbot or a knowledge-based Q&A chatbot, we are here to help

  • Workshops and Courses

    We provide professional training for organizations and startups to upskill their teams on generative AI

  • Advertising

    Our tutorials and articles have a global reach with millions of users. We offer top and bottom banner advertising. Contact us today to advertise with us

  • Talks

    We have spoken at AI conferences, meetups, and featured on various podcasts. Happy to share our insights on software dev, generative AI, and more

  • Articles

    We have unique and valuable perspectives on the industry. We are happy to collaborate to create compelling content for your readers

Brands we have worked with

奧美BioTools博碩Generative AIAlpha Camp

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In addition to producing high-quality content, we also help businesses build customized software and AI chatbots. We also provide AI-related lectures, workshops, and courses

We also offer advertising opportunities for sponsors on the ExplainThis website and newsletter, targeting tech-savvy readers aged 20-40 with interests in technology, software, AI, and tech careers

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