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ExplainThis is bootstrapped by three friends who are passionate about frontend engineering. We curated the best interview prep materials for ourselves initially, but then we asked ourselves why not share it with our fellow frontend engineers?

That is how ExplainThis was born. We hope that this website can help you land a job in FAANG or startup companies in the fastest way. 😀

The name ExplainThis is inspired by the fact that please explain this in JavaScript is a very common question in frontend interviews. Hence, we name the website ExplainThis. We hope that this website can help you explain any interview question in a simple way.

The content of this website is free for everyone. We will keep updating the content and adding new sections. While the content is free, we do need to pay for the hosting the website. We will put some ads on the website to cover the hosting cost. We hope you can understand. If you find the content of this website helpful, please share it with your friends who are also preparing for interviews. If you want to support us, you can also buy us a coffee😀

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If you are a company, or know a company that is willing to sponsor us, we also have a section on the website to provide exposure as a sponsor. If you are interested in further discussion, please email us at [email protected]