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Our team comprises of expert software engineers from FAANG companies and innovative startups. Trust us to provide you with an insider's take on the industry, helping you realize a dream career in tech

At ExplainThis, we excel at simplifying complex topics, making them easily understandable. With our efficient learning approach, you can acquire in-demand tech skills in half the time

If you are business seeking software development or customized AI chat robots solutions, ExplainThis is here to help. Our services cater to your specific needs and support the growth of your business. Check out our service page to learn more about how we can collaborate

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The mission of ExplainThis - Advance your tech career in the AI era

  • Generative AI and ChatGPT: Complete AI and ChatGPT resources and industry insights, helping you grow in the face-paced AI world
  • Software Engineering: End-to-end the full-stack development content from front-end, back-end to system design
  • Tech Career Collective career wisdom of industry Experts, helping you build a strong foundation for your career

Why ExplainThis?


is an important concept in the JavaScript programming language. You need to be able to explain the concept of


before you truly excel the JavaScript programming language. The same principle applies to learning any subject — true understanding only comes when you can effectively explain a concept.

This is why we named the website ExplainThis. Our goal is for each and every person in the world to gain the essential mindset and knowledge required to excel in the AI era

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In addition to producing high-quality content, we also help businesses build customized software and AI chatbots. We also provide AI-related lectures, workshops, and courses

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