How to Integrate ChatGPT to Tinder APP?

February 24, 2023

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Are you usually too busy to make friends? When using a social app to make friends, do you worry about missing out on opportunities because you can't reply to everyone in a timely manner when chatting with multiple people at the same time? With the advent of ChatGPT, you no longer have to worry about these issues. Let ChatGPT automatically respond to messages for you so you never miss an opportunity. With ChatGPT, you can become a master of time management.

ChatGPT Tinder Bot

In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to integrate ChatGPT with Tinder so you can stay connected even when you're busy. Using our pre-built project template, you can easily copy and modify it even if you don't know how to code. ChatGPT will use your chat history to determine what to reply for you. We will also explain how to customize ChatGPT's response frequency, response length, and when it should respond based on certain parameters.

If you are a programmer, you can even integrate the user's background information, or use image-related models to detect images and provide more appropriate responses.

First, let's take a look at how the program works.

The program will directly reply to your chat partner based on the content of previous conversations in each chat room. For example, the pre-defined command I have set is:

Please learn to respond to [Receiver] below in the language of [Sender] and in [Sender]'s tone. The total number of words in the response should not exceed 50, and it should end with a question.

Here, [Sender] refers to yourself and [Receiver] refers to your chat partner. You can modify this part and add some background information about both parties, or you can tell ChatGPT what your response style is like (e.g. enthusiastic, thoughtful, or aloof) so that ChatGPT can provide responses based on the persona you want to create.

Integration Steps

Get the Tokens

  1. OpenAI Token

    1. Register or log in to your account on the OpenAI platform. You will need to provide some basic information if you are registering for the first time.
    2. Click on the avatar in the upper right corner and select View API keys.
    Get OpenAI Token Step1 and Step2
    1. Click on Create new secret key in the center.
    Get OpenAI Token Step3
    Get OpenAI Token Step4

⚠️ Each API has a free quota and its own limitations. Please refer to the OpenAI Pricing for details.

  1. Tinder Token

    1. Log in to Tinder
    2. Right-click and select Inspect -> Network -> Select any request -> Look for x-auth-token in the request.
    Get Tinder Token

Project Setup

  1. Fork the Github repository

    1. Register or log in to GitHub
    2. Go to ChatGPT-Tinder-Bot
    3. Click on Star to support the developer.
    4. Click on Fork to copy all the code to your own repository.
    Fork Github Repository Step 1
    Fork Github Repository Step 2
  2. Deployment for Free

    1. Go to  replit
    2. Click  Sign Up  and use your  Github account to sign up, and then click  Skip to skip the initialization
    3. After you enter, click  Create. A pop-up will show up. Click Import from Github on the top right
    Replit Deploy Step 1
    1. If you have not yet added your GitHub repository, click  Connect GitHub to import your private repos., and then select  Only select repositories and ChatGPT-Tinder-Bot
    Replit Deploy Step 2
    Replit Deploy Step 3
    1. Go back to step 4, now in Github URL, you can select ChatGPT-Tinder-Bot project. Now click  Import from Github
    Replit Deploy Step 4

Start the Project

  1. Environment variables setting

    1. After you  Import, go to the Replit project management page. Select Tools and then click  Secrets

    2. Click Got it  in the bottom right, and add the environment variable

      • OpenAI API Token:
        • key: OPENAI_API
        • value: sk-FoXXXX (this is from the step above)
      • Select the model:
        • key: OPENAI_MODEL_ENGINE
        • value: gpt-3.5-turbo
      • ChatGPT The role words that the assistant wants to play (currently the official has not released more usage methods, and the players are tested by themselves)
        • key: SYSTEM_MESSAGE
        • value: You are a helpful assistant.
      • Tinder Token: - key: TINDER_TOKEN - value: MTA3NXXX (this is from the step above)
        Replit Set Environment Variable
  2. Execute the Project

    1. Click Run on the top
    2. You will see Hello. I am alive! if you successfully run the project. Now Copy URL on the top right
    Replit Run

    ⚠️ If you do not make any request within an hour, the program will stop running. That's why we need the following steps

  3. CronJob

    1. Sign up or log in

    2. Click  CREATE CRONJOB on the top right

      CronJob Step 1
    3. Enter  ChatGPT-Tinder-Bot in the Title field using the URL copied from the last step

    4. Select 5 minutes so that it will call the api every 5 minutes

    5. Click  CREATE

      CronJob Step 2


When will the bot respond?

  • By default, the bot will scan every five minutes. If the other party has not responded yet, it will be skipped. If there is no response from the other party for more than a day, it will send another message. However, this can be customized by adjusting the parameters.

How can I customize the settings?

  • In, line 27, scheduled_job can be adjusted to control how often to respond.
  • In, line 34, for can be adjusted to determine how many messages to respond to.
  • In, line 47, if can be adjusted to determine under what conditions a message will be sent.

How can I add more information?

  • In /src/, there is a prefix that can be used to add information, such as training the bot to respond in a certain style.
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